About LawyerFinder.com

About LawyerFinder.com

From time to time everyone is faced with issues that require legal advice or information. Choosing a lawyer can often be a challenging task. Often you must first educate yourself on legal issues and procedures. Only then, can you make an informed decision that can dramatically effect the resolution of those issues. LawyerFinder.com can help.

LawyerFinder.com is a FREE service funded by Trumpet Marketing Group, LLC and it’s sponsors. The site’s focus is to provide legal information, products and a conduit to legal counsel for individuals, businesses, law students and even lawyers, themselves.


Find a Lawyer

LawyerFinder.com provides an easy navigation path to find lawyers specializing in over one hundred different areas of practice. These listings are compiled by lawyers and law firms who have visited the site, found it of value to their clients and requested that their firm or practice be listed. This level of interaction from listed lawyers and law firms shows their commitment to providing you the best level of legal counsel.

Find legal agreements, forms & documents

Through our strategic relationship with USLegalForms.com, we are happy to provide Over 36,000 legal documents, agreements and forms. Legal Forms are drafted to comply with the laws of your State. Most forms are available for downloading in Word format. Free form descriptions, previews and law summaries are available. See Legal Forms.

For Attorneys

Even lawyers need guides to legal research. That’s why LawyerFinder.com has dedicated a special section to Lawyers. Lawyers need direction to online resources for laws, codes and legal research. Law firm marketing is a challenge for firms and practices, as well. LawyerFinder.com helps attorneys promote their firm on the web by providing Internet services and tips for online marketing.

About Trumpet Marketing Group

Trumpet Marketing Group is an online marketing consulting firm specializing in the design, development and promotion of legal and other commercial web sites. We provide web site design, social media and Internet marketing services to all size law firms.

The Internet has created an environment for communication between lawyers and current or potential clients. This is due to an increased level of Internet activity in both the workplace and households. Because the practice of law has become so competitive, successful attorneys are looking to the Internet as an attractive means of promoting their firm or practice. Sophisticated clients have realized the benefits of research on the Internet and are beginning to refuse to hire attorneys and firms that do not have a presence on the World Wide Web. The web is the first place these clients go to locate an appropriate attorney!

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