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Ernst & Partners provides exceptional legal assistance to clients throughout the greater Atlanta, GA area. We are committed to helping our clients through difficult times and situations. At Ernst & Partners, each client is important to us.  We fight to achieve the best possible results in each and every case.


With office locations in Duluth and Jasper, Ernst & Partners is a focused law firm dedicated to helping clients with real estate transactions, personal injury and accidents and bankruptcy filing.


Automobile Accident Injury
In the state of Georgia, drunk driving accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of automobile related accidents.  Ernst & Partners focuses on automobile accident injuries and deaths involving drunk drivers.


Ernst & Partners recognize that financial hardships can affect anyone. The individuals and families that face these hard times simply don’t have the funds or assets needed to pay meet these debts. At Ernst & Partners use Georgia bankruptcy laws, procedures and options to help individuals work through difficult times and help get your debt under control and in some cases, even cancelled. We’ve helped many individuals eliminate debt through bankruptcy. We can help you too.


Real Estate
Ernst & Partners handles both commercial and residential real estate transactions.


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